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Fascia And Soffit Installation in Gilfach Goch

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Gilfach Goch fascia and soffit installation

Find the best approved Gilfach Goch soffit and fascia professionals in seconds. Begin now to start saving on all work such as all new installations and even entire replacements.

To get started getting your risk-free quotations over the CF39 area simply fill in the easy form at the top of this page. If you're searching for a particular type of boarding, our quote service caters for almost all colours, designs and components such as plastic and light weight aluminium to timber. From the comfort of your laptop, to the ease of your smartphone it is the perfect solution to find Rhondda Cynon Taf companies.

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What Designs Can Be Purchased?

Understanding what sort of fascia board will be the most appropriate for your Rhondda Cynon Taf property can be confusing as there are numerous varieties available. If you'd like a bit of professional assistance on which option would be suitable for your house then just fill out our quotation form with a few simple points.

These are some of the different kinds:

Square Fascia This type of fascia has a lip which supports the soffit. It’s long lasting and strong; suitable for guarding against the elements. Just the thing for protecting against the elements, this style contains a little lip that helps to accommodate the soffit. Rain gutter mounting brackets can also be mounted using this design.
Flat Fascia Boards They are usually simple to put in; they are generally included in new developments. Also they are installed often on houses where wooden fascia is being substituted with pvcu. These are typically minimum maintenance.
Bullnose Fascia Profiles This particular type is used commonly in new constructions and when swapping out fascias. It features a space for your soffit to fit cleanly.
Reveal Liner Fascias Commonly known as ‘Cap-Over Fascia’, this form of fascia is used to cover up existing timber fascias that happen to be in suitable condition.
Decorative Ogee Fascias One of the most well-liked choices with Gilfach Goch homeowners, Ogee includes a grooved profile and is a very pleasing style.
Pre-Ventilated Soffit Panels This is often ideal to provide sufficient air flow in your roof structure. The panels themselves include ventilation already inserted.
Solid Soffit Boarding Solid boards can be found in an array of dimensions, between 100mm to 605 mm, the larger the board is, the more expensive it will be.
Hollow Soffits A well known choice for several types of home, this boarding has a tongue and groove effect that could even come with a wood made pattern effect. Additionally, they are obtainable in several shades.

Gilfach Goch Soffit & Fascia Price Considerations

The below can each alter the overall cost of the project:

  1. Style and Material: The amount can be influenced due to the various variations and materials of trim available. Pvcu is typically the cheapest choice, and wood, composite and aluminium trims will each have different price ranges.
  2. Guttering Replacement: Are you considering replacing the gutters too? If the existing gutters are more than a decade old it's wise to replace them all at once.
  3. Removal of Waste: Are you wanting the professionals to clear out the work waste from the property? You could find you save money by clearing the waste yourself, for example the worn out boards plus gutters.
  4. Scaffold/Platforms: Are access platforms suitable, or may the contractor want scaffolding to gain access to your roof? The erection of scaffolding will add an average of £800-900 each project and is influenced by the dimensions and amount of storeys.
  5. Colour: The most popular colour is white pvcu. Other colourations will result in a price increase of as much as 40% on top of the regular cost, for example rosewood, oak, grey or black.
  6. Cladding or Capping: Will you be getting rid of the current wooden roofline boards? If you have decided to cap your existing wooden panels this can aid in reducing the price greatly.
  7. Months: There's a good possibility that you may land up spending less if you need the project done in Winter. Rhondda Cynon Taf fascia installers will likely not be as heavily booked across this period.

The easiest method to discover how much the project will set you back, and not having to commit, is to acquire a few complimentary prices by using our free of charge quote service.

Quickly fill out the form in this article to learn the amount you could save now.

Preferred Board Materials


Timber Roof Trim Materials

Selecting solid wood for the trim can be an exceptional decision, and it is extremely popular even with the rise of pvcu. It is sold in numerous shapes and sizes, and has the ability to be painted to suit any house easily. Solid wood might look nice and traditional, but timber fascia boards may decay, twist and split if incorrectly cared for. They require regular upkeep in terms of re-painting, rubbing-back as well as preserving. It is both inexpensive and comparatively resilient when painted.


PVCU Materials

It’s common to get uPVC fascias now and most contemporary buildings have uPVC ones, and compared with wood, these don't be inclined to go rotten or even crack as quickly. UPVC will be easy to maintain, really sturdy and long lasting which will help in keeping your roof structure in good shape and also clear of humidity. Although wood is generally the selection for a traditional look, if you prefer your roof trim to last for many years then PVCU is the perfect alternative simply because it will not demand the same level of maintenance. UPVC soffits and fascias are generally what almost 90% of modern developments inside Wales get.

Composite Roof Trim

Composite Materials

It is a composite material, which can be made wood, sawdust, plastic and also epoxy resin. This type of boarding will not be likely to get rotten or crack and is long-lasting. The price tag of fitting as well as fixes may also be quite noticeable. Even with there not being many shade variants they are a popular option on numerous homes.


Metal Roof Trim Materials

Currently it's also possible to get boards constructed from aluminium. When compared with other materials however, they'll prove dearer. They may even be covered around solid wood boards to help safeguard them from the elements. They last longer, and won't need lots of servicing. They can be sprayed and are available in many different colours. They could become dinged or even creased when handled improperly.


Instead of updating trim completely, many choose to have it cladded using uPVC. This is a somewhat less costly alternative to taking away and swapping the actual wood entirely. It’s akin to when folks get their doors of kitchen cupboards swapped out, instead of a whole new kitchen installed. In case your existing fascias and soffits are in sound condition this is a good option.

If however the wooden fascias are ruined, this isn't always a good option. In case you selected this approach, it's probable the wood within will get worse faster in comparison to the pvcu. Without using quality boards at the start this course is normally viewed as being a short-term solution, similar to putting on a sticking-plaster.

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