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Terms & Conditions

For your convenience, we've combined our terms and conditions, website terms, privacy policy and cookie policy into one easy to read, and easy to understand page. It's vital that you read through each of the policies, and that you consent to them before using our website and free quote service.

This page will be updated as and when necessary, and will be done without prior notice so it's your responsibility to check back for any updated. This page was last updated on 30/12/2018.

Roof Trim Wales does not provide a quote service itself. The quote forms visible on each page are supplied by Quotatis.co.uk who are a leading provider of home service quotes throughout the UK. By completing and submitting the online form hosted on the Roof Trim Wales website you confirm that the information provided is both accurate and true, and that Roof Trim Wales have permission to send your contact details and work request direct to Quotatis who then arrange the quotations direct.

We do not see any of the information entered into the form, and will never pass, sell or loan your details to any other third parties other than Quotatis who provide the fascia and soffit quote service.

Roof Trim Wales has been set up for informational purposes and the content within does not represent professional fascia and soffit advice. If you are looking for expert advice, please contact your closest roofing trim professional direct.

All information contained within the Roof Trim ales website was deemed accurate and true at the time of publication. We cannot be held liable for any potential inaccuracies that may be found within the www.rooftrimwales.co.uk website.

All information obtained, collated and distributed on this website is done so according to the Data Protection Act 1998.

Website Usage Terms

Any usage of the www.rooftrimwales.co.uk website is subject to the following website usage terms:

The information provided on the Roof Trim Wales website is done so purely for informational purposes, and is subject to change or alteration at any given time without any prior notice being given. We do not provide any guarantee to the accuracy or suitability of the information provided by ourselves or any third party. By using the Roof Trim Wales website you acknowledge that the information contained within may contain inaccuracies from time to time and that we expressly exclude any form of liability for such inaccuracies to the full extent permissible by law.

Your usage of this website is carried out entirely at your own risk. We will not be held responsible for your usage of the services and information provided on this website in any way. The responsibility is yours to ensure that the services offered on the Roof Trim Wales website are suitable for your needs prior to usage.

Complete acknowledgement is made for any trademark reproduction throughout the www.rooftrimwales.co.uk website where they are not licensed to or are the property of the operator.

The www.rooftrimwales.co.uk website contains information which has been licensed to Roof Trim Wales including (but not limited to) any graphical elements, the site layout and user interface. It is expressly forbidden to copy or reproduce any of the aforementioned elements unless done in strict adherence with the Roof Trim Wales copyright notice. Damage and prosecution claims may arise from any unauthorised usage of the aforementioned elements.

At any time the www.rooftrimwales.co.uk website may contain external hyperlinks to third party websites. We cannot and do not take responsibility for the content on these third party websites. The are provided for convenience and informational purposes and we have no control over the content provided by these external websites. A hyperlink from the Roof Trim Wales website does not constitute an endorsement in any way.

Any usage of this website and all disputes that may arise from such usage will be subject to the relevant laws of the United Kingdom.

Our Cookie Policy

So what are cookies?

Explained in simple terms... a cookie is a small text file which is transferred to your computer or internet enabled device from a website. The contents of the small text file are determined by the website owner and operator. The file is accessed every time you visit the chosen website. Nowadays, almost all websites use cookies in one form or another.

What's inside a cookie?

The main aim of a cookie is to enhance your browsing experience of a chosen website. A cookie can contain log-in confirmtion (so you don't have to keep logging in to your chosen website) or it could contain shopping cart items, so you can carry on browsing while the website remembers what is in your basket. Cookies can also be used to monitor your browsing habits and offer you adverts specifically targeted to your needs.

What are the types of cookie?

Essentially there are two main types of cookie used across most websites:

Session-based cookies

These are temporary cookies. A text file is downloaded to your computer or internet device and stays there for the duration of your browsing session. When you close your browser, the cookies are deleted.

Persistent cookies

These cookies do not delete when your browsing session comes to an end and stay for a longer duration which is dtermined by the website operator. They remain on your computer and are accessed every time you revisit the website that created them. For example when you click 'remember me' when logging in to a website, so that you stay logged in for days to come.

First-party cookies

These cookies are issed from the website that you are currently viewing (first-party) and can be session-based or persistent as described above.

Third-party cookies

These provided by third party websites, but delivered by the website you are currently browsing. A typical example would be if a website you are browsing want to monitor how many visitors they are receiving each day, and even what country they come from. In this example the current website would set a cookie from a statistics website, so that they can visit the statistics website later and view the details. These cookies can be used to perform market research, study browsing behaviour and even create targeted marketing campaigns.

How does Roof Trim Wales use cookies?

In order to improve your browsing experience, we use functional session-based cookies. We do not permanently store any personally identifying data or browsing data at any time. For your convenience we have explained the cookies in use below:

Quotatis: This is a cookie delivered via our website by our quote provider Quotatis (making it a third-party session cookie). It' is used to ensure that the quote form operates correctly. It temporarily stores the data you enter so that you can navigate the steps of the form without having to re-enter details if you need to go backwards or forwards to amend any details. It does not permanently record any data submitted and deletes itself when you finish your browsing session.

Our Privacy Policy

Your information

Roof Trim Wales never see or store any of the data submitted via the onine quote forms supplied by Quotatis. There is no way for us to gain access to any of the details submitted such as contact information or job description. Any information submitted via these quote forms is delivered securely, direct to Quotatis who in turn process them to arrange your free quotes. If you have any further questions regarding how your information is handled, please refer to the quotatis.co.uk privacy policy and terms of website usage.

Your security

Such is out commitment to keeping your personal information secure, we have implemented appropriate managerial, physical and electronic systems to maintain the confidentiality of any information submitted via this website.

Cookie usage

In order to provide a seamless quote experience the Roof Trim Wales website uses functional session-based cookies. They do not gather any personal information, and delete from your system when the browsing session is terminated. For more information please refer to our cookie policy.

Links to external sites

On occasion we may include links to external third-party websites for informational purposes. Any such link does not signify an endorsement from Roof Trim Wales. Please remember that when leaving www.rooftrimwales.co.uk via one of the provided hyperlinks you will no longer be covered by our terms of website usage, cookie policy and privacy policy. We therefore cannot be held responsible for maintaining your privacy and protecting your personal data when visiting these external websites. It is advised that you familiarise yourself with the terms, cookie policies and privacy policies of the external websites to ensure they meet your needs.

Contact information

Should you have any further questions or concerns about any of our website terms, cookie policy or privacy policy please contact us direct and we will replay as soon as possible.

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