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Fascia And Soffit Installation in Penarth

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Penarth fascia and soffit installation

Find the perfect fascia and soffit rates in Penarth. Why don't you obtain absolutely free quotes for any replacement and installation task delivered straight from local specialists?

To begin comparing risk-free quotations throughout the CF64 area just fill out the quick enquiry form on top of this page. Whichever design, colour or substance of boarding suits your property, our free service covers anything from uPVC as well as aluminium to solid wood. When it's tricky to know which Vale Of Glamorgan companies you can depend on, our service is superb.

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Available Designs of Penarth Fascia and Soffits

There are many different varieties of fascia board you can buy; it can be difficult to know which is the very best kind for your Vale Of Glamorgan property. This is exactly why we’d highly recommend you complete a couple of particulars on the form above, to receive to a maximum of 4 quotations from specialists who can assist you to find out what is best for your house.

You can decide upon:

Square Profile Fascias This fascia incorporates a lip which holds up the soffit. It’s strong and long lasting; good for shielding from inclement weather. Perfect for protecting against bad weather, this layout has a little lip that helps to support the soffit. Rain gutter brackets can also be fitted using this design.
Flat Fascia Boards They are quite easy to fit; they are frequently included in new constructions. These are generally very low maintenance and therefore are regularly the most popular solution when exchanging timber fascias.
Bullnose Fascia Profiles This is a widely used choice for use within both fascia replacement and new build Penarth houses. It provides a space for the soffit to slot in.
Reveal Liners/Capover If your main timber fascia is in acceptable condition then these types are used to cap over them. They are also referred to as Cap-Over fascias.
Classic Ogee Boards This has a grooved pattern and creates an attractive fascia, and definitely seems to be a popular selection with property owners.
Pre-Ventilated Soffit Boards Because this panel comes with built-in venting it's best for including essential airflow into your roof structure.
Solid Soffit Board The thicker the board, the more expensive it will likely be. Solid boards are offered in a multitude of widths as well as depths to fit your property.
Hollow Soffit Boarding This has a tongue and groove look, and is available in a range of tones not to mention real wood effect. It's well-liked by conventional looking houses together with modern-day developments.

Penarth Soffit & Fascia Cost Considerations

Any new fascia and soffit installation price could be impacted by the following:

Replacing of Guttering

Thinking of updating the gutters as well? It is encouraged that you exchange any guttering that is over a decade old simultaneously.

Cladding (Capping)

Is your plan to remove your existing panels or leave them in place? You'll lessen your rates noticeably if you choose to clad your current boards but it might not be possible in all cases.

Need For Scaffold

Are platforms all it takes, or might the specialist require scaffold in order to access your roof? The total number of storeys your house has is going to influence the requirement of scaffold erections, and will add about £800 towards the sum.


The most typical colour variety is white pvcu. When you need coloured boards including rosewood, mahogany, black or grey for instance, you will likely see an increase of as much as 40% over standard white.

Winter Months

There's a pretty good chance you can wind up having to pay a lower amount if you would like the project performed in colder months. Vale Of Glamorgan fascia installers will not be as overloaded at this time of year.

Material and Style

The price might be impacted a result of the countless styles and materials of board available. UPVC is typically the cheapest selection, and real wood, composite and aluminium components will all display changing price levels.

Disposal of Waste Material

Is the specialist you're considering taking away the waste for you? If you want to take away the waste by yourself you can surely get it for less, but always ask before.

Utilising our no-cost quote comparison service is frequently the most straightforward method to know how much your job will cost you, with no need to oblige.

Simply fill in the application form above to learn simply how much you might save now.

Popular Panel Materials

Solid Wood

Wood Panel Materials

In spite of the rise in popularity of uPVC, wood is always a greatly in demand option for new and replacement roof trim. It can easily be coloured to fit any variety of property and can be produced in any kind of dimension or design that you require. To get a traditional look you won't beat timber, nevertheless they are liable to warp, bend and rot when not cared for properly. They really need routine maintenance with regards to painting, sanding along with preserving. It is both reasonably priced and comparatively resilient once painted.


PVCU Roof Trim Materials

It’s very easy to buy uPVC fascias nowadays and a lot of modern properties have uPVC versions, and unlike timber, these won't be inclined to rot away or even break as easily. PVCU is usually very low maintenance, incredibly tough and also long lasting which will help to keep the roof structure in top condition and free from humidity. For those who like wood but would like your fascias to last for many years, you may opt for a timber effect uPVC. UPVC doesn't involve an equal standard of maintenance that real wood can. In fact 90% of new construction all over Wales use this material as standard.


Composite Panel Materials

It is a composite material, which will be made up wood chips, saw dust, plastic and epoxy resin. This product is long-lasting and doesn't endure the decay and twisting of the timber choice. The price tag of installing as well as fixes may also be high. Generally there aren’t loads of coloration choices readily available, nonetheless they remain a well-liked choice.


Lightweight Aluminium Board Materials

Fascias can even be made from aluminium. Usually they are more expensive when compared to other fascias?soffits and fascias. They can even be wrapped around wooden boards to help protect them from bad weather. Understandably, these are extremely weather tolerant which allows them to be very durable. They are often coated and are available in numerous shades. Even so care should be taken since they can become damaged or even dinged which could ruin the complete appearance.


As an alternative to changing trim completely, a few decide to get it cladded using uPVC. This is a marginally less pricey approach to removing and swapping the actual wood completely. Think of it as the roof structure equivalent of swapping your home's kitchen cabinet doors, while saving the actual carcases installed. In the event your present fascias and soffits are in good shape this is an excellent solution.

If however the wood fascias are decaying, this isn't always a good suggestion. If you selected this alternative, it's likely the timber on the inside will deteriorate quicker than the pvcu. When not having quality boards at the start this route is usually considered as a temporary repair, similar to applying a sticking-plaster.

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